Self-Healing Remedies

Eight Obstacles on the Path of Self-Healing

The physical body is intelligently programmed to heal itself. We must allow self-healing to occur unimpeded. Our habits of thinking, feeling and doing can become dangerous barriers, obstructing the natural process of self-healing. If we really want to be in a perfect state of health, of both body and mind, we need to believe in the power of self-healing and accept the fact that 99% of what happens to us is created by our mind.

The Ki Train Method promotes longevity and perfect health by studying and understanding the obstacles faced by a normal person living in society. Societal beliefs, ideas and judgements, the degree of one’s self-cultivation, understanding, choice of direction and intensity of dedication are closely related to influences over and barriers against self-healing.  

1. Definite Purpose

When we know exactly what direction we are heading in, there is no room for confusion. Having a purpose also sends a message to our physical body that regular maintenance is required. The body is very important, being the vehicle that carries us to our destination. When we have no destination and live day by day with no clear understanding of our purpose, the body gets the wrong message that it is not useful. In the same context, the only person who knows your purpose is YOU. Not your parents, not your spouse, not your children and not your boss. It is one of the biggest responsibilities in life to know and follow your purpose. Do not leave it to others to decide for you.

Solution: Write your personal bucket list. Revise it periodically. Take it seriously! Include all areas of your life in the list.

2. Relaxation and Flexibility

The Ki Train Method reinforces the fact that a flexible and relaxed body will be able to take on even prolonged stressful situations without being affected. The vital energy (Ki) flows best through a relaxed and flexible body.

Solution: Practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Practice body relaxation on a daily basis. All physical sports or movements are great to practice with the condition to relax while exercising.

3. Perfect Digestion

Your digestion is the primary energy producer in your body, alongside the respiratory system. Working on balancing your digestion is a huge step towards self-healing, because digestion is paradoxically also one of the highest consumers of energy in our body.

Solution: practice fasting whenever possible. Learn to balance your nutrition by educating yourself about the energy of the food as well as by listening to your body intuition when it comes to the choice of food for the day.  

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4. Neutrality in Relationships

One of the main causes of stress is poor relationship management. Dysfunctional relationships translate into stress, anxiety and at times even anger. Relationships can be a major cause of unwanted energy wastage, especially emotionally.

Solution: achieve a state of neutrality with most of your relationships. Remember one thing: it is impossible to fix others, you can only fix yourself.

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5. Improve your Sleep

We spend 33% of our life asleep. Yet many of us still disregard the quality or quantity of sleep needed, becoming sleep deprived and, as a result, getting sick. Fixing your sleep will allow you to recharge and reenergize your days.

Solution: improve your sleeping conditions (bed, mattress, bed sheets, bedroom), meditate before sleep, reduce the EMF radiations in your home, reduce your Yang type (stimulating) foods and drinks.

6. Clean and Organize your Environment

Your subconscious mind is reflected through your environment. If the space you spend most of your time in is organized and clean, it can coincide with your subconscious mind also being more organized and ‘clean’.

Solution: clean and organize your drawers, closets, office, the trunk of your car, your desktop computer, your phone.

7. Emotional Detachment

We experience life through emotions. We attach an emotion to every single thought. Even memories have an emotional attachment, even though they do not belong in the present moment.

Solution: Practice meditation. The deeper you relax, the more you will be able to detach from surface emotions. The mind is like an ocean: the waves (emotions) are just the surface, but the vast majority of the mind is silent. Dive deep into the ocean of your mind.

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8. Focus Your Mind

Every single one of the previous 7 obstacles cannot be overcome unless we sharpen our mind. As discussed in the Ki Train Method book, the mind must be exercised in the same way we exercise the body through training and conditioning. The mind is like a flash light; diffused light is not as strong as a laser beam.

Solution: Build and use a mantra to stay focused on the same thought.

The Ki Train Method book has detailed solutions through cultivation exercises described at the end of each chapter. Start practicing. Order the book here. If you want to experience complete transformation, sign up for a one-on-one intensive program with Teodor, available online or in person.