Self-Healing Remedies

Panaceia, Hygeia and Self-Healing

Asclepios, the Greek deity of medicine and healing, had two daughters, Panaceia and Hygeia. Panaceia and Hygeia took contrasting approaches to human health. Their beliefs have persisted in human consciousness to this day, albeit in varied forms of prevention versus intervention.


Panaceia intended to help people by discovering a magical cure for all diseases. “Humans do not need to know or learn about diseases,” Panaceia used to believe. If I’m concerned about them and find a remedy for everything, that’s enough.”

Panaceia – The Greek Goddess who looks for a cure for all diseases


Hygeia, on the other hand, was more concerned with the prevention and maintenance of good health. Hygeia was attempting to persuade mankind that disease is a result of their bad lifestyle choices. People should learn from nature and live in peace with the universe, she urged.

Hygeia – The Greek Goddess who educates people to practice healthy life habits

Both sisters were convinced that they were correct. As a result, they both committed their lives to their respective causes: Panacea to finding a cure for all diseases and Hygeia to teaching people about the ideals of living a healthy life and well-being.

Western and Eastern Medical Systems

This is a broad categorization, as there are systems that are similar to the Eastern system of medicine, which is based on natural cures and disease prevention. In some way, the daughters of Asclepios are now represented by the world’s medical systems. Western medicine’s scientific pragmatic approach follows Panaceia’s life path, attempting to find cures for every old and new ailments that occur. We can’t overlook science’s contribution to modern medicine, and we should be immensely thankful for the possibility of healing through intervention.

The Ki Train Method, on the other hand, is devoted to Hygeia’s life goal. We want to raise awareness about how a healthy lifestyle and everyday practices may give energy to our lives.

We should be able to live longer and in better health if we are prepared to put in some effort. An unhealthy lifestyle causes premature aging and unnecessary suffering.

Eastern Medicine is a system based on intuition and prevention.

Each continent or region has its own elders, as well as its own natural medical secrets. We can locate supernatural resources all across the Earth, from China and India to Europe and the Americas (plants, herbs, animal products or even minerals). Navigating through the Hygeia tribe’s blogs and websites can help us become more aware, but nothing beats firsthand experience with a remedy. How can we be certain that a treatment will work or not? This is a common question we hear from individuals in sessions and classes.

Because each cure can apply to different circumstances in different ways, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Each scenario has its own set of origins and causes, making the diagnosis and treatment unique to each person. Nonetheless, there are several basic cures and lifestyle behaviors that will benefit us all.

Daily Cultivation

We highlighted the necessity of everyday cultivation of awareness in one of our previous articles, “Ignorance is not bliss,” because we are at the whim of information that is spoon fed to us through many channels (from parenting, education system to social media and internet).

The only prerequisite is that we take an active interest in our own health and well-being, which should only be able to spark our interest in learning something new every day about how to stay healthy (mentally, emotionally and physically).

We recommend that everyone take baby steps, but we should not go a day without taking even the tiniest one. The Ki Train Method has a wide range of effects on one’s health. Improving one part of your life every day will only result in improved health, more energy, and, ultimately, happiness.

The Ki Train Method chart of energy and where we can work to improve

The Integration of Kinesiology in the Search for the Truth

We trust our intuition, but there is another way to ask questions of your higher self and receive answers from it: through your body. Muscle testing is an excellent approach to determine whether or not a cure is beneficial to your body.

Muscle testing is rarely deceptive because it is your body’s reaction to the unconscious mind. We believe in and have used muscle testing procedures to obtain answers on numerous occasions. You can learn more about muscle testing by clicking here. However, the only method to determine the degree of accuracy is to try it yourself. Nothing beats firsthand experience.