Healing Foods

Reishi, Anti-Aging Mushroom

Reishi, also known by the name of ‘Ganoderma‘ is a rare mushroom used as an anti-aging ingredient and known for many self-healing benefits. While other ingredients will boost the immune system, this special mushroom is an immune system regulator, which simply means that it works both ways: when the immune system is deficient, it will stimulate it and when in excess, it will regulate it. This is one of the most special attributes of Reishi. Allergies are a manifestation of an excessive immune system. Reishi contains ‘ganoderic acids‘ which inhibit the release of histamines. Ganoderic acids are also very potent antioxidants.

Energies ImpactedJing, Qi and Shen
Thermal EnergyNeutral or slightly warm
Organ AssociationsHeart, Liver, Lungs and Kidneys

The Anti-Stress Mushroom

Reishi is an amazing anti-stress herb. It has been used for many generations by Daoist monks and spiritual seekers. It is believed that it calms the mind, eases tension, improves memory and clarity of mind, helps with focus and builds willpower. When you take Reishi, you will notice a certain peacefulness overcome your being.

Energetical Protector

Reishi works on the immune system which, according to Internal Martial Arts masters, is an energy system more than just a physical or chemical one. This means that by taking Reishi, we can boost our energetical immune system, building a shield around our body.

Other Benefits of Reishi

  • Reishi helps recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Used in HIV/AIDS treatments – to restore the autoimmune system
  • Used in hepatitis treatment
  • Used for combating urinary infections and renal imbalances

Different Types of Reishi

Black Reishi

This is easy to find in different shops, but not as strong as other types of Reishi.

Wild Red Reishi

It is not easy to find, being very rare. It is also much more expensive, but extremely efficient.

Reishi Mycelium

This is a white fungal blob that grows on wood. This does not have the same qualities of the Reishi mushroom, especially when it comes to nourishing the Shen energy.

Duanwood Reishi

This is the best type and most potent of all Reishi mushrooms. It is grown in the mountains away from any pesticide usage, to preserve its qualities. It is heavily used in Japan and China for treatments against cancer as well as other immunological dysfunctions. Order here.

Reishi Spores

As a health tonic, it is considered that spores are even more potent than the mushroom itself. As a rule of thumb, the spores (and seeds in general) contain a huge amount of Jing energy, and are therefore considered excellent for anti-aging purposes. If this is true, it makes Reishi spores the most potent natural immune system ingredient on Earth. They are expensive but worth every gram. Order here the spore extract oil from Amazon.

Moderation – The Ki Train Method Path

No food, herbs or supplements should be taken for long periods or in large quantities. Follow the instructions on the packaging and always do a thorough research, both online and offline (books, intuition, meditation). Find someone who has used Reishi before and ask them about their results. Try it yourself and observe your body’s reactions. Use your intuition to evaluate every new ingredient you are trying. Whenever you notice discomfort caused by a new food or herb intake, discontinue its use and research further. Some items are not for everyone.; there is no general treatment applicable to everybody. We are all unique and therefore must tailor our diets to our specific needs.