Supernatural Self-Healing Ingredients

Over the centuries, people over the world have tried to eat virtually every conceivable substance for the nutritive or medicinal qualities. The vast majority come from the wild plant world, but there are also some that come from the animal world (land or sea world).

The Ki Train Method is about finding balance by all means possible, that is why we consider that no effort should be spared in order to find that unique special ‘ingredient’ that can lead to balance, even for a moment. Balance is translated into Health.

Supernatural Self-Healing Ingredients and how they influence our health

The Supernatural Healing Ingredients can influence our energies in different ways such as:

Qi (Chi, Ki)

These ingredients increase the physiological energy production. They help the body to function at optimal levels, resulting in a natural increase in vitality. They enhance the digestion by stimulating the spleen, and therefore they help the body become more efficient in the transformation of food into chi and blood. They also nourish the lungs by enhancing the production of chi from oxygen. The chi circulates through the meridians providing the organs and tissues with the required vitality


There are ingredients that nourish the blood and help the body to utilize nutrients, in order to function properly. Blood nourishes all the tissues of the body, as well as the skin. They improve blood circulation.

Men are governed by Qi and women are governed by blood. Men benefit from blood nourishing ingredients too.

Yin Jing

Yin is defined as the accumulation and storage of energy. Yin ingredients nourish the fluids of the body and provide the essence of life. The Yin Jing is stored mainly in the kidneys with a great impact on the health of the skeleton, adrenal glands, ears, hair, teeth and bone marrow.  Yin Jing is directly associated with longevity. they are considered the main ingredients of immortality.

Analogy with a candle: Jing is the wax and wick, qi and Blood is the light of the flame and the heat is the spiritual Shen energy

Yang Jing

They are the power herbs utilizing the potential energy of the Yin Jing. Yang Jing is responsible for willpower, mental creativity, courage and the ability to manifest one’s ideas. They are also focused on the kidneys, same as they Yin Jing ingredients. Some are considered famous aphrodisiacs sexual tonics.

The Yang ingredients are used to stimulate the metabolism, build muscle, reduce the levels of fat in the system. They strengthen the bones, lower back, knees and joints in general.


The Shen supernatural ingredients nourish the heart spiritual energy. There are two categories: Shen stabilizers (they calm and regulate the emotions so that Shen can be developed) and Shen-enhancing (causing the Shen energy to rise up).

A Few Exceptional Supernatural Self-Healing Ingredients


Reishi regulates the immune system. It is used to improve cardiovascular system. it can help reduce the side effects of may kinds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Reishi is a superb antistress ingredient. It has been used for many generations by Daoists, known to cause calmness, improve memory, sharpen concentration and focus, build willpower and help build wisdom. Reishi spores are the most potent natural immunological known to man.


Ginseng is a powerful antistress agent, prevents overfatigue. It is not a stimulant like the caffeine, yet increases alertness. It improves memory and cognitive power, and can often reverse intellectual and mental deterioration.


Great to strengthen the muscles, beneficial for those physical active and require abundant physical energy. It heals wounds faster. It is an extreme immune modulator and an excellent antioxidant.


It is very good to stimulate kidney functions (including sexual, brainpower, structural integrity and self-healing ability). It increases resistance of the body to bacteria and viruses. It helps regulating blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle.


It was discovered by Japanese researchers that many Chinese in their 80’es drink Gynostemma daily. It slows down aging, improves digestion, sexual functions, helps calm the nerves and eases pain. It helps reducing weight by accelerating the body’s metabolism.


It brightens the eyes and improves vision. Good for losing weight. Fresh Lycium has the highest content of beta-carotene among all foods on earth. It also contains flavonoids, which they are powerful antioxidants.


It generates vitality and beauty. If used for 100 days consecutively, it purifies the blood, sharpens the mind, improves memory, causes a radiant healthy aspect to the skin. It improves the kidney energy (especially sexually).


It is considered to be a primary fertility enhancing herb. It helps enhancing the liver and kidney functions. It is an antiaging herb.


It moistens and purifies the lungs, aiding in breathing, removing the toxins and improving all respiratory functions. This results in a beautiful skin condition. It is also opens the heart nourishing the Shen energy. It lifts the person spirit to attain happiness.


Daoist masters drink this tea to replenish the Yin Jing energy in the kidneys. Combined with licorice root, it becomes a true aphrodisiac tea.


It tonifies the yang jing in the kidneys and also nourishes the yin jing. For whoever has problems with their knees, this tea is amazing to heal the kidneys-knee energy. I have tried it myself for 9 months and healed completely my left knee without doing any surgery.


It is an excellent qi tonic, increasing vital energy. It strengthens the digestive and metabolic systems.  It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It is called the great detoxifier.


Neem is a natural antibiotic that can be used in many situations. It is one of the most bitter herbs I have every tasted in my life, but also one of the most miraculous ones. I use it for more than 13 years now in fighting infections, sore throat, skin allergies, urinary infections and others. It can be used as oil or leaves powder.

There are many more supernatural self-healing ingredients that deserve to be known.

 Food is our medicine, so we should keep learning what we can eat to find balance and perfect health.