Self-Healing Remedies

Sunrise Practice for Self-Healing

Sunrise is special because it is the moment when the Yin energy of the night changes to Yang energy of the day. All creatures of Earth follow a circadian rhythm. Our human body is wired to rise early, even is some of us do not feel like waking up no matter how many alarms will start ringing around. The biggest influencing factor on the circadian rhythm is light. Complete darkness starts the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps us sleep better. The morning light sets off the release of several hormones which give us the feel-good sensation.

The Secrets of the Sunrise Light

My parents used to wake up fairly early during summer vacation and go outside in the sun to catch the morning light, which I remember from when I was a kid. I was more concerned with sleeping at the moment than with getting this unique light. What was it about this early morning light that was so amazing that you couldn’t have it any other time of day?

Zhan Zhuang Posture during Sun Rise

The Qi Gong answer:

Our universe is made up of Yin and Yang energies in various configurations. Yang represents day, light, sound, and motion, while Yin is night, darkness, silence, and stillness.

The type of energy that exists during the day differs significantly from that which exists at night. The transition from night chi to day chi is marked by the rising of the sun.

The Scientific Answer:

Light consists of a variety of wavelengths ranging from blue to red. Some wavelengths are invisible to the naked eye: infrared and ultraviolet light. Everyone is talking about vitamin D, which is produced when our skin is exposed to UV light. We expose ourselves to different types of light in the early morning: infrared and blue light.

Different types of light waves

The Infrared Light

Collagen is stimulated, bones repair faster, and wounds heal faster when exposed to infrared light (approximately 42 percent of sunlight). Infrared light has been shown to have anti-aging properties, decreasing wrinkles and scars. Sunlight is required to charge the water in our bodies, just as it is required to replenish a solar battery.

The Blue Light

Morning blue light is what wakes you up by raising your cortisol and is activated when blue light hits your pituitary gland. It sets your circadian rhythm for the day.

Blue light has disappeared by sunset so you can fall asleep and melatonin then comes out to play. Light is the switch that controls this cortisol-melatonin game. Interestingly, whilst melatonin is released at night, it is made during the day by morning light.

Qi Gong Sunrise Routine

Warm Up

No matter what time of day it is, we should always begin our training with warming up. The emphasis should always be on relaxing the entire body, including the joints and internal organs.

The ideal approach to receive the sun’s energy through the early sunrise light is to enter a relaxed Yin state of mind and body. In an ideal situation, both of our feet should be in close contact with the ground (barefoot, skin to earth).

Typical Sunrise Qi Gong Exercises

The 60-second sun-gazing

Keep your eyes half open and your gaze fixed on the Sun for no more than 60 seconds right after the sun rose above the horizon. To avoid any eye damage, make sure you don’t expose your eyes to more direct sunlight.

Absorbing Sun Qi through Closed Eyes

After the 60 seconds of gazing at the sun, we are closing our eyes and we “look” at the sun with our eyes closed, allowing the energy of the sun to warm our eyelids.

The eyes are linked to the liver.

As a result, this exercise should be connected a liver workout.

The routine ends with a Heart Qi Gong exercise, by allowing the solar energy to enter the solar plexus.

Sun gazing must be practices with caution, to avoid damaging the eyes

Sunrise Mantra Meditation

We use the early morning practice to take a few minutes to focus our mind on what we want to experience during the day. While holding both eyes closed, we repeat at least 8 times (more is better) a short and simple phrase which describes our intention for the day.

Other benefits of Sunrise light exposure

Better Mood

I cannot guarantee this benefit for everyone, but I can assure you that no matter what thoughts or emotions haunt you when you wake up, by the time you connect with the sun at the earliest times of the day, your mood will significantly improve.  You will also experience increased levels of energy. Those who connect to the Sun energy early in the morning will be more powerful for the entire duration of the day.  

Fresh Start of a New Day

Every day is a new life, starting your day at sunrise with qi gong will put ourselves into a positive state of mind, connecting with our inner self, dreams and positive thoughts. Starting fresh also means letting go of destructive thinking patterns. 

Achieve More

If you wake up to do qi gong early in the morning, you will have more time for yourself and your daily goals. Mind will be prepared to plan better the day.

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