Self-Healing Remedies

Body Upgrades and Self-Healing

The human body possesses a highly sophisticated self-healing mechanism, whether we believe it or not. Dr. Bruce Lipton took a giant step in the new field of genetics called Epigenetics. He proved scientifically that genes are not set in stone and can change based on environment (nutrition, sleep, emotions and other influences on our body).

Regular practice of energy martial arts and other cultivation exercises will lead to a steady and consistent upgrade of our body. Working on maintaining high energy levels provides the necessary fuel for self-healing. This is the entire premise of The Ki Train Method.

The Ki Train Method is not an esoteric concept which can only be practiced by masters, monks or martial arts experts. It is for anyone who decides to have better health, a better bodily condition, more energy to achieve their dreams and stronger mental focus.

On my initial road to self-healing, I decided to question everything, including my beliefs.

The following scenarios are true life events analyzed through the eyes of someone who intends to understand the process of self-healing and, in particular, body upgrades (improvements and advancements in all areas: muscles, tissues, joints, organs, skin, immune system and others).

Exhibit 1: Growing Up

One of the most visible body upgrades is ‘growing up’. The body keeps adding new features, getting stronger muscles, denser bones, mustache, beards, breasts and other bodily accessories, eventually becoming a mature body. But even after we have become adults, we still change/renew our cells (proven scientifically).

Keep cultivating! Keep upgrading! Keep growing!

As adults, we might not grow as much as we did when we were children, but growth is still happening. Every now and then, the cells in the human body are replaced with new ones. With a few exceptions, most of our human cells are renewed within a period of time (ranging from hours to years). The table below is taken from Cell Biology by the Numbers (

Cell TypesTurnover Time
Small intestine epithelium2-4 days
Stomach2-9 days
White blood cells2-5 days
Colon cells3-4 days
Lungs alveoli8 days
Bone osteoclasts2 weeks
Skin cells10-30 days
Trachea1-2 months
Stem cells2 months
Red blood cells4 months
Liver cellsup to 1 year
Fat cells8 years
Skeleton10% per year
Central nervous system, lens cells, female gameteslife time
Our cells do renew! Therefore, self-healing is possible with almost everything!

Knowing how long it takes to regenerate different cell types gives us clear proof that we are able to heal and upgrade our organs. The self-healing puzzle pieces are fitted together when we work simultaneously on our mental, emotional and energy states. This allows cell regeneration to occur without any blockages. As a result, we remain young and healthy.

Ingredients for self healing: a focused mind, balanced emotions and plenty of Ki

Exhibit 2: Superficial Wound Analysis

Have you ever cut yourself while chopping vegetables? Did you ever get scratched by a pet? Have you ever fallen and scratched your knee? Ever been seriously sunburned?

Most people experience a form of superficial wound at least once in a lifetime. With time, depending on where and how deep the wound is, the scar will eventually disappear. The disappearance of the scar marks the completion of the visible self-healing process.

Energetically, the affected area immediately receives a surplus of Ki to help repair the damaged tissues. We don’t have to initiate the healing. It happens automatically. However, at the conscious level, we are somehow careful (or ought to be) to protect the wounded area, because we don’t want to cause more damage until it heals completely.

Pain and other feelings of discomfort such as burning, itchiness or heat, are ways the body makes us more wary until the healing is complete.

Exhibit 3 – Recovery after Accidents/Surgery

Whenever we undergo any surgery, many systems in our body get disturbed. When I ruptured my Achilles tendon, I chose to have it fixed surgically. The self-healing process is still ongoing now, 6 months post-surgery.

After closely observing my body’s reactions and the self-healing process, I navigated through different stages of healing, which I am sure some of you will relate to (if you’ve had a similar experience).

For many weeks (almost 4 months), I felt an intense heat inside my leg, surrounding the surgery area. The heat was doubled by the swelling in the area. I literally felt how my leg was regenerating from inside-out, but all I could see was the scar which was also healing. My skin reacted to the inner heat by erupting in a rash. The heat had to be treated through ingesting only ‘cold’ foods (cucumber, yogurt, water, carrots) and avoiding ‘hot’ foods (alcohol, spicy food, red meat). This concept is further explained in “Food Shopping and Self-Healing“.

The amount of energy spent on healing and regenerating after such a invasive surgery is enormous and must never be underestimated.

While our body knowingly allocates energy for healing in needed areas, it’s always good to use our focused intention to help direct the energy where it’s needed.

Ki Flows where the Intention Goes!

While I had to rest my injured leg totally, I still continued to exercise the rest of my body, right after the surgery, even though I was in bed most of the time (especially in the first month).

Two months after surgery, I slowly restarted my practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, being careful not to add more injuries to my recovering leg.

Exhibit 4 The Flu – a Form of Upgrade

Seasonal flu is commonly regarded as an enemy. I felt the same for the most part of my youth. At the first sign of a sore throat or runny nose, I would run to the pharmacy to get some aspirin, Panadol flu, or anything that would stop the flu from developing. And yes, they would work. But if I recall well, the flu would come back shortly after. Sometimes after a month, other times after 3 to 6 months. I wish I had then the wisdom I have today.

I am not a medical doctor. My knowledge of natural health care has been acquired through self-education. I love to read and study but mostly I experiment directly on myself. I am sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way. Ultimately, it’s your own decision to follow your instincts and the common sense gained through life experience.

Back to the ‘flu’ subject: the body needs regular upgrades, and when flu manifests, the body must develop a stronger immune system. We are surrounded by viruses, bacteria, and so called ‘threats’, but not all of us develop illnesses. Everyone has a different immune system, based on their physical constitution and of course, their lifestyle (to learn more, read about Epigenetics).

Going through flu (even with a little fever) is actually a blessing in disguise, because it is an opportunity to upgrade the immune system.  This does not mean that we should take it lightly, such as refusing medicine if we are very sick. I simply want to say that we need to let the body upgrades happen naturally. Since I started to understand the self-healing mechanisms, I personally stopped getting sick in general, particularly with flu. When I do have symptoms, I work on enhancing my energy levels through the Ki Train Method practices: fasting, Ba Gua practice, vitamin C (parsley) and Vitamin D (direct exposure to the Sun). As a secret remedy, please consider including in your medicine kit some Neem leaf powder, a natural booster of the immune system.

Miracles – Sudden Upgrades

Spontaneous self-healing miracles happen all over the world. I have taken a great interest in studying numerous cases, from religious texts to healing books and watching YouTube videos of instant healing stories of regular people. My skeptical side shows up whenever I encounter stories like this, because I believe in a scientific approach. It is harder to digest things I cannot explain. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are so many stories out there. They can’t all be lies!

“Everything you can imagine is real”, including the miracle of sudden self-healing

A miracle is, in my humble opinion, nothing other than a sudden physical upgrade, which happens as a result of variable factors, including belief in self-healing and channeling Ki energy.

The more vital energy Ki we can focus in one direction, the more possible a miracle becomes.

Prevention (Regular Upgrades) vs Intervention (Cures)

I am not against medicines and remedies which help cure diseases, but I love to make others aware of preventive medicines. There is another, higher, way of helping people through their use of willpower. Willpower here means that dynamic which is created by a focused mind, meditation and spiritual discipline. It is a daily upgrade of our body, energy and mind.

“Only when we are sick of our sickness, shall we cease to be sick” Lao Tzu

Adopting a balanced lifestyle is the best we can do to maintain health, wellbeing and a strong immune system (which is synonymous with having the highest levels of energy Ki) at all times.