Self-Healing Remedies

Wellbeing and Qi Gong

Fit Vs Healthy

You can be in good health but not fit; or fit and not very healthy. Or, you can be both fit and healthy at the same time. In the Western world, those who are considered fit may be able to run 20 miles, do 100 push-ups, have beautiful shaped muscular bodies, yet they may not be internally healthy. They may suffer from internal organ problems, bad backs and damaged joints, emotional imbalances, sexual weakness and unable to handle stress well.

On the other hand, people with extraordinary internal health may look frail, sometimes a little fat, only able to run short distances and not being physically strong. They may, however, have strong backs and pain free joints and ligaments, excellent blood circulation and no internal organ problems. They may also be emotionally balanced, have the stamina for carrying out a normal daily activity, not to mention the fact that they are able to handle stress much better. On top of everything, they may be able to enjoy a full and excellent sex life.

External vs Internal Strength

The Ki Train Method’s main goal is health. Only when the levels of health are high enough, the practitioners should work harder to achieve fitness, optimal physical, emotional and mental performance.

Many consider health and fitness synonymous, but in reality, they just complement each other. We like to believe in progress (no matter how slow), increasing the vital energy levels day by day, practicing moderation in daily life, exercises that strengthen our internal body first, and then work on the muscles and physical strength. This way, the goal of perfect health becomes accessible to everyone, no matter the age or fitness levels. It is also the reason Qi Gong and Tai Chi may be practiced regardless of the practitioners’ age.

On the Path of Health

The basic principles of the Ki Train Method are based on the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In China, the internal healing arts of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Ba Gua (all pillars of the Ki Train Method) have been accepted as the national health exercise. They are considered a form of art and not just sports or fitness activities.

Health is more than just the absence of obvious disease!

Health is defined by the balance between Yin and Yang energies. Only when we are balanced (physical, emotional, energetical and mental) we can declare we are in perfect health. Health means being free from illness or injuries and in the same time experiencing a good level of wellness (stamina, joy of life, a balanced mind).

When health becomes our first priority, we need to be fully engaged in the process of self-healing. Simply understanding the principle of “flowing the vital energy” and actively working on it through Qi Gong and Tai Chi will ensure that no physical illness will occur. If the energy flows through the body without interruption, one will not get sick.

Mind – Energy – Body

All mental processes (and emotions) are mirrored in one form or another in the body. The mind affects the energy flow, and the energy flow affects the body. The body affects the energy flow and the energy flow affects the mind.  Fortunately, we are lucky to have this buffer of vital energy taking over the issues from either the body or the mind, giving us enough time to correct the problems. Unfortunately, it is not only that many people don’t know how to deal with these issues, but they also don’t believe they are capable of fixing it by themselves.

With Qi Gong we learn how to intuitively listen to the energy flows. We use breathing and intention to accelerate the energy through certain meridians. In this away we may unblock them, if needed.

My Healing Story – 2020

The power of personal example is by far more inspiring than any book we read. On the 15th of September 2020 I had a surgery for a total rupture of Achilles tendon. At the time of the accident, I was perfectly healthy and fit. This strongly impacted the post-surgery healing process. I healed twice as fast as the prognosis typically given by the medical authorities. This is solid proof that the internal healing arts Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua are powerful enough to provide a healthy lifestyle for anyone. If we love ourselves, we must recognize our direct responsibility for our own self-healing. We should never wait until we get sick. We should do our best to maintain our healthy physical body as a habit of life.

Self-Healing Power of Ki Train Method (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua)

The Philosophy of Qi Gong

MAINTAIN – “better to prevent than to cure”. The better we maintain our body and mind, the longer they will last.

ENHANCE – every small habit that we change for better, every single drop of energy gained will add to the overall levels of vitality. Daily practice of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua or meditation can only slowly turn us into “Masters of Energy”.

HEAL – “a small leak will sink a great ship”.  We should never accept living with issues (physical, emotional or mental). Every issue takes from our vital energy. Whenever you become aware of a problem, don’t spare any effort to rectify it as soon as you can. Otherwise, if not resolved, the leak may lead to other illness and even death.  

Qi Gong is based on softness and it is valued for its ability to regenerate the body, allowing us to feel and function as a young person when moving into middle age and even beyond. The lady in the video below is 94 years old and performing Tai Chi together with many younger practitioners. I witnessed this event myself during a trip to China. I am happy I took a short video to share with you.  Start practicing! Start improving your health with Qi Gong and the Ki Train Method!

Amazingly inspiring 94 year-old lady practicing Tai Chi Yang 24 form

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