Self-Healing Remedies

Energy Clearing with Incense

Incense and resin smoke are excellent tools for clearing the energy in any space, including the human body. Not only can they provide a dramatic shift in the atmosphere within minutes, the aromatic fumes can stimulate our senses depending on what we desire to feel.

Smoke from incense moves through air, and is thus used as an air element transforming tool. In our reality, thought energy is directly connected with the air element, so incense can be very effective for changing the thought patterns in any space (or body) towards a more desired outcome.

Aromatic incense burning

Thought Energy and the Air Element

In classical Chinese medicine, our lungs are ruled by the metal element, which correlates to thought energy. The lungs move air in and out of the body, so the metal element of the East can correspond to the air element of Western philosophy. Both describe thought, mind and thinking patterns. When the air element is unbalanced within our body, we can quickly succumb to anxiety, followed by grief and depression.

As mentioned in the article ‘How to Reset Thought Energy’, managing our thought energy is an essential part of self-healing and key to achieving overall wellbeing.

Choosing the Right Incense

Different resins and incenses provide subtly different results with regards to how they affect the atmosphere of a space and our thought patterns. Knowing what to use and when can help you master the energies of the air element. Resins or plant substances can be burned as incense sticks or directly on charcoal or any heated medium, reaching the air through their emitted smoke. When burning indoors, be sure to open windows or doors to better aerate the area.

Essential oils can be diffused through the air by heating a few drops in a small amount of water, or by burning candles containing the oils. Fragrance spray can also be used for the same effect. Never breathe any smoke or fumes in directly. The lungs are sensitive and our olfactory senses need only very subtle and diluted vapors for the full desired effect.

Campfire – the scent of freedom

Fireplace smoke, or campfire smoke – Very grounding, connects us with nature, connects with the fire element more strongly. Excellent for grounding and inspiration.

Pine Resin – Connects to the energies of mountains and higher grounds. Good for obtaining wisdom or in meditation to access answers and solutions. Can be used to overcome obstacles within thought or even manifested blockages by wizening the thought patterns. The pine trees face much wind and sun, as well as strong earth and water energies. They gather and store vast amounts of energy which can be harnessed when we burn the resin.

Bay Leaves – Used to neutralize the energies of a space. Excellent for use after an argument or any high activity in a room or building. Good for resetting thought patterns or as a pre-conditioning agent, used before ‘programming’ a space using other incenses.

Frankincense – Often used in sacred spaces, such as temples. Said to connect with ancestral spirits, in Eastern traditions. Good for spiritual alignment, helping us connect with our higher self in times of disconnect. Excellent overall for clearing and uplifting the energies of any space or body.

Sandalwood – Excellent for growth and new ventures, especially for travel or business. Grounding higher visions into the material realm. Highly spiritual.

Lemongrass – Purifying. Dispels sadness and grief. Good for depression.

Dragons Blood – Confidence, Qi activation, empowerment. Very Dynamic.

Cloves – Very fiery. Activates dynamism and movement if one feels that life is getting stagnant. Warms the lungs upon inhalation of the scent. Creates vigor for new projects. Can activate joy. 

Cinnamon – Sweet and fiery. Excellent for parties where movement is desired, such as creating laughter, dancing, games and fun competitions. Re-activates vigor for life.

Cinnamon – the scent of Christmas

Cardamom – Used to awaken positive desires and pleasure in life. Good for joyful occasions or to inspire creative activities of any kind.

Oud/Agarwood – Aids in material manifestations. Connects with the spiritual/non-physical realms.

Basil – Energizing and invigorating. Good for creating desire in partnerships and joy in relationships with others.

Rosemary – Mood enhancement and good humor. Reviving vigor for life.

Lavender – Relaxation and slowing down the energies of a space. Good to use in the evening, before bedtime.

Black Seeds – For protection or shielding a space against unwanted energies or simply for energetic ‘privacy’ of a space or body. Good for deterring negative energies.

Eucalyptus – Used meditatively for opening and expanding the mind. Also good for relaxation and reducing anxiety. Commonly used to enable better breathing physically.

Citrus Fruit Peels – Energy cleansing, clearing and upliftment. Often used in kitchens after cooking to clear out the scent of food after mealtimes. Also used as an energizer, dynamic and good for conditioning a space before any physical activity.

Rosary Peas – Found in Middle Eastern incense potpourris. The smoke from rosary peas are excellent for removing or deflecting highly negative energies, such as those from psychic attacks. They will make a loud popping noise upon burning, when breaking through unwanted energy barriers. Use with caution as it can disturb and rouse darker energies. Handle with care, as rosary peas are poisonous, especially if cracked or exposed to broken skin.

Fresh wild herbs of nature

This is just a brief list of resins and scents for you to contemplate and experiment with. A full list would be vast and would probably comprise several encyclopedic tomes. Just think of all the possible resins of all the trees and plants and flowers on Earth. It is substantial! We live on a very abundant and diverse planet. See what you are drawn towards and keep researching and experimenting with the wonders of the natural world, and how they can influence and help us on the path of self-healing and the well-being of our thought patterns.

Written by Haya A.S. October 23rd 2021