Self-Healing Remedies

How to Reset Thought Energy

A simple way to clear out high-strung thought energies in any space, whether it is your home or your body, is through the use of air medium cleansers. Thoughts are comprised of the air element. Managing our thought energy is an essential part of self-healing. Learning how to implement methods to do so effectively is an invaluable step towards becoming our best self.

To help reset anxiety, worry or overthinking, we can aid their release through the physical use of the air element. By doing this, we reach directly through the air element to the less tangible ethers that hold our thought energies. Everything is energy, after all, and we can indeed reach the non-physical realms using physical energy.

How to Move Air

Air “adjusting” tools are anything that can move air. This would include natural winds, sound vibrations and smoke. More mundane things would be fans, air conditioners, speakers and the sort. However, I always prefer to use tools that are as close to nature as possible, with the least amount of electronic interference.

The air bending tool of nature itself is the outdoor breeze or, better yet, strong winds. This is why it is essential to air out the home or any space (including the body) daily. Keeping the windows open and letting natural air flow through a home is a powerful act in itself, to clean out any residual or unwanted thought energies. It is a must after any indoor argument, including those we have with ourselves! You know what I mean.

If thought energy is relentlessly overused and over-gathered without regular clearing, it can cause a high stress atmosphere in a space or high anxiety and worry within a body. It is a lot to bear with. Never underestimate the power of thoughts and the air element, as intangible as they may seem. They have the power to wreck or heal our bodies all by themselves.

To drive the point home, just imagine a hurricane or a tornado. They are comprised mainly of the air element! A bunch of gathered thoughts is not much different. Wind storms ‘without’ wreak havoc on the natural world. Wind storms ‘within’ wreak havoc on our body.

The Power of Sound

A very powerful method to move air, whether to neutralize or energize, is through the use of sound. Again, natural sounds are best, including the sounds we make ourselves. We are able to condition the air element of a space using our voice, whether through singing, talking, whispering or chanting. The Tibetan monks are masters of this methodology.

Singing bowls of various tones and frequencies also have a compelling effect on air (and thought). Tuning forks do the same. A 528 Hz tuning fork can easily and quickly reset and harmonize energy, anywhere. Music of harmonious notes could also be a powerful tool. Think the classic masters, such as Mozart, being played at the original, harmonious vibration of 432 Hz. Better yet, gather some instruments, and some well-adjusted friends, and create harmonious music together. Best for everyone to practice alone at first and hone their craft, to ensure a pleasant medley!

Incense Rituals

Last but certainly not least, is the highly effective tool of smoke from incense. Natural resins and essential oils are best for this. Every resin, leaf, flower or scent has its own signature and brings another element into the game, but when burned and transformed into smoke and fragrant fumes, they all become transformed into air and affect the ethers and thought energies therein.

For a list of different resins and incenses, and their subtly different effects on body and space energy, please refer to the following article: Energy Clearing with Incense.

Written by Haya A.S., 20th October 2021