Self-Healing Remedies

Ignorance is (NOT) Bliss, Self-Awareness is.

“Ignorance is bliss” is a quote often used with the desire of achieving peace of mind without having to understand or work through the process. Not knowing the whole truth is a shortcut for avoiding the pain of having the full knowledge. We live in the age of advanced technology, information is flowing rapidly without filters, making it exponentially more difficult to navigate through the excess of information and knowledge. This can be a great accelerator of evolution for those with high levels of self-awareness but equally dangerous for those less self-aware and vulnerable to manipulation and mind control.

Ignorance might seem an easy way to escape fears. Yet, focusing attention in different directions does not make realities (or fears) disappear. Overcoming our fears, or in other words, dealing with our demons can be done totally and completely through self-awareness.

Sources of Universal Truth

Getting attached to our beliefs is probably the most difficult obstacle in the path of realization. Not only can it block our learning, but we will also influence others when sharing our ideas with them. Questioning our own set of beliefs requires an act of bravery because we shake our deepest foundations of logic and thinking.

Who Should We Trust?

We are born alone and we die alone. Along our life path, we meet a number of people. With some, we bond in relationships. We trust, we are happy, but sometimes we fail and get disappointed and hurt. We repeat the cycle until we learn the lesson.

Take any relationship and analyze it: what’s in it for you? How does it help you evolve?

Some would say that pain is the only way to grow. I say the path of self-awareness is the only way to achieve real growth. What is a failed relationship? Nothing more than a test of detachment.

Universal Truth

The great mathematician Archimedes was looking for a fixed point in order to move the world. Similarly, we are looking for a fundamental truth that we can base our beliefs on. Knowledge is relative because it is also based on Yin and Yang and ultimately, the world depends on the observer. Let’s jump from philosophy to a practical example: beauty. They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but is that really true?

“Give me a fixed point and I can move the Earth” – Archimedes

Is there any “fixed point” (similar to Archimedes’ fixed point) related to beauty that can help us understand and formulate a universal law of beauty? Beauty is harmony, and when we place harmony into a mathematical equation, it can be described as the golden ratio. That’s why some objects, buildings or even humans are considered universally beautiful, because they follow the proportion of harmony.

But how about other universal truths? Is there any other law or formula that describes a universal truth which can help us on our quest to align our beliefs with it? As a Tai Chi and Daoism practitioner, I would say that finding balance between Yin and Yang is a universal homeostatic truth. In other words, moderation is the word best used to describe the path of self-healing.

If this is true, choosing the road of ignorance and avoidance of some parts of reality will be an obstruction towards finding the right balance. Its like wanting to put on a scale one kilogram of apples but having only standard comparing weights of 5kg. You will never know how heavy the bag of apples is without the right measure of reference.

Use the right measure of reference

Trust in Self-Healing

On a final note, this article is about self-healing, just as all other articles written in line with the Ki Train Method. The reason I was inspired to write this article is mainly because I am astonished by the amount of ignorance people have with regards to their self-healing capabilities. I have decided to take this life quest seriously with the intention of convincing as many people as possible to believe in their innate human superpowers.

I will list below some points that should be further explored by anyone who wants to evolve into a powerful fully-healed human being:

Allow balance and the Human Body will be able to heal itself.

Following the law of moderation (and allowing a daily balance between Yin and Yang) is the first condition required to create an environment of self-healing. Being aware of what you need to add to your life (whether it is yin or yang) will allow you to find inner balance. We are affected by outer elements (weather, environment and others) and inner factors (thoughts, emotions, perception and others). A higher degree of self-awareness will give us more tools to use in finding equilibrium.

Understanding our life roles

As we go through life (or more accurately, multiple lives), we play different roles. As active parts of the Yin Yang model, sometimes we are victims and other times victimizers. We abuse or we get abused, as many times as needed to understand that the final path is the balance between the two, the path of neutrality, a path of compassion and also leadership. Again, self-awareness here has a big part in realizing which role we are playing at present, allowing us to decide on the harmonious path.

Escape the victim-victimizer roles and you will find yourself in balanced relationships. For those of you who constantly get abused by others, I can assure you that all the bullies in your life will disappear within a short period of time after making the decision to no longer be a victim. Nobody is responsible for your happiness or peace other than yourself.

Taking the path of renunciation by becoming a monk is nothing but saying no to all potential relationships and conserving energy otherwise consumed through drama with other people. Becoming a monk is somehow another way of choosing the path of “Ignorance is bliss”, because those who choose this path choose to ignore the people around.

Stop ignoring your mind patterns

This is one of the most common mistakes we do in life. We tend to ignore the fact that our subconscious mind can be more powerful than the conscious mind, if we are not focused enough. Practicing focus and regularly cleansing our critical filters will always keep us on our toes, being the leaders of our life and actions.

Focusing your mind in the right direction requires self-awareness

On the other hand, when we mentally drift, we allow the subconscious mind to run our life based on programs that we have no access to or control over.

Stop ignoring your fears

Be honest! You know what your fears are but it is easier to ignore them instead of dealing with them. The world has been always ruled through fears. Unfortunately, even within families, many parents rule their children through fear. Work environment is another example where, in many cases, employees who disagree with their managers will lose their jobs, even if they are right to disagree or have great ideas for their institution.

Question Everything

Question all information you receive by understanding and going deeper into the source. Every single piece of information can be found within the collective mind, accessible through deep meditative states. Every story that comes to us has the imprint of the storyteller, so it won’t be 100% objective. Yet, our intuition is always connected with the truth, in one form or another. Use your intuition! Test it until you Trust in it!