Self-Healing Remedies

Be Supernatural with Qi Gong

The Definition of Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient art derived from traditional medicine. It later evolved into an energy healing art. Qi means vital energy and Gong means work (effort). Combined together, Qi Gong means ‘Energy Work’. According to the well-known principle of Tai Chi which says ‘energy flows where intention goes’, we are all healers by nature. We are capable of self-healing and there is nothing ‘supernatural’ about it. Qi Gong is the art of being efficient with your own energy, by becoming aware of the blockages and leakages. The life energy is transmuted from food through digestion, from air through breathing, from environment and relationships. When we learn to absorb and direct it using the power of our mind, self-healing powers are accelerated, providing us with abundant health.

Supernatural vs Natural

The difference between natural and supernatural exists only within our belief systems. Beneath the surface of our awareness lies a world of vibration. It is like sailing a small boat on a lake, there is so much more under the water surface than we see. There is an entire underwater world. Just because we don’t see the aquatic world, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Impossible becomes suddenly possible when we overwrite our current beliefs, replacing them with new ones. We should not wait until we get sick to start being interested in our wellbeing. Health is by far the most important asset in life, hence self-healing must be allowed to unfold every minute of our life.

The impossible becomes possible not just through a flash of inspiration, but from hours of perspiration, hard work and commitment to discover new truths. Once you have discovered the possible within the impossible, share it with those next to you. Inspire them to see their potential too.

I was 6 years old when I first watched ‘Superman’. To see him flying, defying gravity so easily, was perceived at the time as supernatural. Today, it is possible to fly using the newest jet pack technology. Not fiction anymore.

For impossible to become possible it is only a matter of time

Qi Gong and Self-Healing

Qi Gong’s main goal is to achieve perfect health. Regular practitioners define ‘health’ as the perfect balance between the Yin and Yang forces. The physical body’s homeostasis is equilibrium. However, because of our damaging habits of eating, drinking, worrying and no regular exercise, we block the self-healing process, and eventually we get sick.

A Qi Gong practitioner’s first priority is to be relaxed, flexible and full of energy. Energy flows uninterrupted when there is no stiffness in the body. This is the reason why we should stretch every day, from outside (muscles, joints, tendons) and from inside (internal organs).

Focus, Focus and Focus

Love is the main ingredient used in energy work. Self-love accelerates the process of self-healing. A sincere self-love can motivate anyone to change any harmful habit, such as smoking, unhealthy nutrition, living in stress and anxiety, etc.

Qi Gong combines and harmonizes the sources of energy which sustain your physical body. It is about breathing, body movement, letting go of unwanted emotions as well as merging the activity of both sides of your brain (logical and emotional), allowing you to dissolve the monkey mind.  

Qi Gong is ultimately about practicing mind concentration; as a result, your vital energy will flow with your thoughts, whether to heal a part of your body or to increase your overall stamina.

A powerful metaphor would be to associate Qi Gong with a magnifying lens; if used to focus the sunlight, can become a powerful laser beam able to burn almost anything. The mind is your lens and your vital energy is the sunlight.

Focusing your vital energy can literally heal anything


We are all blessed with intuition, or at least it is something we can practice to develop further. Qi Gong is efficient when you are willing to let go of attachments, especially when it comes to certain sensations involving the five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling). The comfort zone dictates most of the time what we feel through the regular senses. The world is much more complex than what we perceive. The energy flowing through our body (meridians) cannot be felt without a strong 6th sense, and that can be developed by going out of the comfort zone. We live in a world where everything is available at a push of a button. Intuition will die if we don’t work to develop it.  

Fasting and Qi Gong

When I asked our Grand Master Huang Xin what should be done when energy blockages appear in the meridians; he simply replied: “stop eating”. Water or tea fasting is a great method of increasing your self-awareness. The blood becomes pure and thinner, easier to flow through your blood vessels, when it is not overloaded with nutrients. Give yourself a break; get hungry from time to time, there is nothing wrong with that. Self -healing happens at a faster pace when we eat less. Just make sure you hydrate yourself, drink plenty of water.

Healing hands are actually natural. Try!

Distant Self-Healing

Did it ever happen to you to think about someone that you haven’t seen in a while, and the next minute that person messaged you? Did you ever dream of someone and the next morning you heard from that person? All of these are not coincidences, but facts of life. We choose to believe in science and technology, but in reality, the highest level of technology lies in our bodies. There is nothing more sophisticated than our body.  When we practice Qi Gong, we use the palms to direct the energy in certain parts of the body, but when we work on parts that are not accessible to our hands, such as the back or spine, etc., we use Qi Gong distant self-healing. We simply use our mind to project the energy into certain areas of our body. Start learning today and keep practicing to maintain perfect health.